Stoko Protective Skin Creams

stoko-endustriyel-kremlerSTOKO ® Skin Care is one of the leading manufacturers of skin protection, cleaning and care products, and was founded to resolve skin-related problems. Besides its traditional brand, STOKO® is developed for skin care and industrial usage. All STOKO® products provide perfect added value to your health, and most importantly to your skin, via the ideal skin compatibility and efficiency for cost control.

Stoko uses a modern scientific approach in its product test research and development department and also its products are certified by independent accrediting authorities by employing external testing institutes.

As an international company, Evonik Industries has an important and extensive sales network throughout the world and in Turkey, and provides STOKO® skin care products to its valuable customers to meet their needs.

For the skin protection process, particular products should be selected based on the existing occupational hazards.

Through a detailed risk analysis, it should be technically determined which product and protective equipment (gloves, goggles) should be used and the usage of appropriate protective products should be enforced.

In order to obtain the desired effects, the proper protective skin products should be selected based on the particular contaminates.


In terms of skin cleaning, there are different types of contaminates for different types of work and workplaces (home, office, factory).

Getting very dirty, contact with dirt throughout the day, and stubborn adhesive materials requires washing the hands frequently.

Therefore, selecting the product in the right category is necessary for each type of contaminate. The selected product should be suitable for the skin and it should provide sensitive and economic skin cleaning. 

Regular and systematic skin care is a very important factor for keeping the skin healthy after work.

Skin care products and oils relieve the destruction caused by the materials that wear on the skin, enables the skin to regenerate itself later on, and saves it from all the stresses it is exposed to in the workplace.


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