Dowel Bar

Our company has the necessary experience and know-how regarding the production of Dowel bars, and it manufactures and supplies Dowel bars of all sizes that are in compliance with the international and ASTM standards. Dowel bars, which are generally used in the construction of large-scale airports and highly durable special roads, are manufactured in compliance with the American standards, ASTM A 615 A and ASTM A 36 in particular.

They are manufactured using bars drawn from the carbon-steel logs prepared in compliance with ASTM A615/A 615M, ASTM A675/A 675M, ASTM A706/A 706M and ASTM A1035/A 1035M standards/. The surfaces are cut straight and the ends are cut properly. DOWEL BARS are coated in accordance with the ASTM A775/A775M standard.

"In addition to the production and supply of Dowel bars, our company also offers consultancy services during the implementation phase of Dowel bars through its international experience, comprehensive know-how, and all the necessary connections in this field."

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BİMA has an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate, which allows them to offer supply and consultancy services to the construction companies that undertake the implementation of the qualified projects in Turkey... read more...


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