Dowel Bar and Equipment

Dowel bars, which are generally used the construction of large-scale airports and highly durable special roads, are manufactured in compliance with American standards, ASTM A 615 A and ASTM A 36 in particular. Our company also handles the production and supply of ancillary equipment that is necessary during the planting phase of Dowel bars. Dowel bar ancillary equipment, such as Dowel Caps, Backer Rods, Grout Retention Disks, Speed Dowels, Dowel Gaskets, Expansion Joint Materials, and Epoxy Resin are manufactured in accordance with ASTM standards and the size of the required Dowel bars.

Dowel bars are packaged in special metal crates and the packaging is covered with PVC lids in accordance with the international TIR, freighter and container transportation standards. Each crate differs, depending on the diameter and length of Dowel bars it contains. Each Dowel bar is packaged in compliance with ASTM A775/A775M standards. In addition to the standard packaging, the shipments are also secured in special packaging in line with the needs of the project and shipment.

dowelbar ekipmanları

Our company also manufactures ancillary equipment that is necessary during the planting phase of Dowel bars in line with the required sizes and the Dowel bars..

"In addition to the production and supply of Dowel bars, our company also offers consultancy services during the implementation phase of Dowel bars through its international experience, comprehensive know-how, and all the necessary connections in this field."


BİMA has an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate, which allows them to offer supply and consultancy services to the construction companies that undertake the implementation of the qualified projects in Turkey... read more...


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